About Us


"It immediately became apparent that the Kshs 20,000 I had brought with me to the meeting was grossly inadequate – almost an insult in the face of the enormity of the need at hand. I became convinced that this was no chance meeting, I was here for a bigger reason than to just talk, present a token and leave."

This was the reaction of DDAK’s founder, Stephen Kiema when he met with a group of about 100 persons living with disabilities in Kitui (PLWD’s). Never had he seen so many persons living with disabilities in one gathering. The inspiration to make a difference was immediate – as most callings are. And thus, a community-based organization “Persons with Disabilities Association – Kitui” (PEWDAK) was established in September 2012 – with the goal of empowering persons with disabilities and elevating their livelihoods in Kitui County. In recognition of the need to serve persons living with disabilities beyond Kitui, Stephen established “Disability Discovery Association of Kenya” (DDAK) in 2018 to provide a national footprint.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

The purpose of DDAK is to create an enabling platform for PLWDs and Associates in Kenya to attain sustainable self-reliance through savings, credit and outreach programs


DDAK has the vision to create an empowered community of PLWDs and Associates who are able to develop and participate fully in society.


Not Political, Not for Profit


DDAK values integrity, courage and justice which form the basis of programming of what we say and do in pursuing ultimate common good and promoting of dignified life.

Our job

What we do

  • Promotes mobilization of grass-root individuals and groups of PLWDs & Associates to initiate income generating activities
  • Facilitates membership for Me-Ki Sacco Society Ltd (Sacco for PLWDs & Associates)
  • Sports, promotes and manages talents among the PLWDs & Associates.
  • Mentors Children Living with Disabilities to acquire self-acceptance / self-esteem.
  • Liaises with employers on promoting corporate social responsibility programs aimed at hiring of PLWDs
  • Identifies opportunities for scholarships in education of PLWDs and Associates.
  • Performs other activities that promote the wellbeing of PLWDs


Employment Placement

This is a program to link a potential employee living with disability to potential employer in the private and public sector. In this context, DDAK shall remain engaged with potential employers to impress on them to create openings for PLWDs. Once openings are available, they will be advertised on DDAK website and visible to members only!

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