Our Values


Our aspirations are programmed within maxims of the good and correct


We strive for comprehensive networks, unity, service, support & empowerment


Commitment to comprehensive inclusivity and representation


Our internal and external interactions are factorized with utmost regards


It is our culture to exist in partners concentric

About Us

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Our Guiding Philosophy

"Hope is a God’s gift to men and women of all themes and character. It is a concentric variable to be applied to increase faith and love in life so that human orientations and practices can make sense and achievement of primary essentials is made possible"

  • Vision

    The leader in discovering and empowering persons with disabilities and/or special conditions/situations across Kenya

  • Mission

    Identifying, uniting, serving, supporting and empowering persons with disabilities and/or in special conditions/situations across Kenya

  • Motto

    Discovering and empowering disadvantaged minorities and special groups

  • Outlook

    Not political, not for profit

Who we are

A charity organization founded by Mr. Stephen Kiema and the Daughters of Jesus the Good Shepherd in 2018


Mr Stephen Kiema is a lay Catholic faithful Daughters of Jesus the Good Shepherd is a 3rd order Catholic Congregation of women religious (Sisters)

Our Organizations

DDAK is the organization sponsoring the establishment and operation of PEWDAK, Me-Ki Sacco, PEWDAK Enterprises Ltd, Kitui Association for HIV/AIDs and Talent Search program As a sponsor, DDAK provides the guiding foundations of the various organizations and reserves rights over policies, strategies and changes (growth and development)


Partnership agreements or memoranda of understanding with third parties regarding any of the organizations activities shall be entered into by DDAK.

Board of Directors

The organization has 3 board members
Steve Kiema
Sr. Mary Wanjiku Ngari
Catholic Church
Ms. Marietta Makaa


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