Me-Ki Sacco Ltd.

About us

Who Are We?

Me-Ki SACCO Society Ltd (Me-Ki) is the savings and credit cooperation arm of Disability Discovery Association of Kenya (DDAK). It is duly registered under the Cooperative Societies Act (CSA), Laws of Kenya Cap. 490, Section 6 (3). It is owned and operated by and for its members. The main purpose of Me-Ki Sacco Society Ltd is to encourage members to save and then use pooled funds to extend loans to members at a reasonable rate of interest. We further encourage members to invest loaned amounts in meaningful income generating activities.


Want to become a member?

A member of DDAK qualifies to be a member of Me-Ki Sacco Society Ltd. In particular, they must be:

  • A person living with disability or

  • An associate of a person living with disability (guardians / care givers)

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