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Why The Sacco

There was need for creating an impactful sustainable approach to support persons with disabilities (PWDs) and associates recover and increase their social and economic potentials so they may contribute to family, community and national development just like other people. The founding strategists: - Rev. Sr. Pauline Busienei FSJ, Mr. Stephen Kiema and Late Mr. Godfrey Mutembei came up with a hub strategy of financial empowerment in the form of a savings and credit cooperative society (SACCO). The idea was to create a voluntary financial system that is easy and cheap to access while transferring ownership to the members. When PWDs and special groups own an easy, cheap, reliable and capable financial system, they stand a chance to address most of their inherent needs in education, health, housing, employment, mobility, information and social protection. With economic empowerment, the traditional practice of PWDs and associates being viewed as less fortunate or defective, sick and dependent, poor and suffering would be a thing of the past and they become givers and lenders.

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Target Population

The marginalized, discriminated and disadvantaged poor: the persons with disabilities, widows, orphans, persons living/affected by HIV/AIDs across Kenya.

Working Approach

Our activities are configured around viewing disability tool for positive and constructive inclusion and integration of whole society; thus an opportunity for the creation of an enabling environment for a participatory society by all persons, with disability or without.

Future Development

We want to accelerate wealth creation for PWDs and persons with special conditions/situations. We want to mobilize all PWDs in all counties in Kenya into Me-Ki financial system and create a microfinance or a commercial bank eventually as part of an economic transformation grand scheme for the marginalized, discriminated and disadvantaged poor; the atomic factorization of shareholding being the PWDs.

What we do with donations

If an amount of X donation is received by Me-Ki, and if N is the total number of active members of the SACCO, every active member will receive (X – A)/3N as shares allocation and 2{(X-A)/3N)} as savings allocation; A being operational, reserve and investment amounts. That is, every allocation to an active member of the SACCO will be divided into three: - one-third as an allocation to shares and two- thirds as an allocation to savings. The shares promote the SACCO ownership while the savings promote the capacity to borrow a loan for business and other recommended uses.

Transparency And Accountability

Me-Ki SACCO affairs are conducted in an open and verifiable manner with the reverend sisters from Daughters of Jesus the Good Shepherd in charge of finances; management committee in direct contact with the members; and board of directors being members above reproach. There is an unstated policy for respect and faithfulness when transacting monies belonging to persons with disabilities and special conditions/situations causing to attain only that which can empower their livelihoods and create real hope in life.


Talented Team behind Me-Ki SACCO

Me-Ki SACCO is managed by a committee of 7 persons who are elected during a delegates’ annual general meeting. The current Chairperson of the management committee is Ms. Dorcas Muneeni Muli

Ms. Dorcas Muneeni Muli, (Dip. Special Education)

Chairperson, Me-Ki SACCO Society Ltd

Me-Ki has 5 active committees

  • Management committee
  • Supervisory committee
  • Education committee
  • Resources mobilization committee
  • Credit committee
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