Me-Ki Sacco

Me-Ki SACCO Society Ltd (Me-Ki) is a registered organization under the Cooperative Societies Act (CSA), Laws of Kenya Cap. 490, Section 6 (3). The certificate of registration was issued in August 2014 with registration number – CS/16940. Me-Ki operates in accordance to cooperative principles and values of a) voluntary and open membership; democratic control by members; economic participation by members; autonomy and independence; education, training and information; cooperation among cooperatives; the concern for community in general and b) self-help, mutual responsibility, equality, equity, honesty, openness and social responsibility. Me-Ki is supervised by the Commissioner for Cooperatives, Kenya as required by CSA. It has not yet reached recommended capital, investment and operational behavior to warrant supervision by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) – Me-Ki is owned and run by Disability Discovery Association of Kenya (DDAK), a national association of persons with disabilities (PWDs) whose aim is to identify, unite, serve, support and empower persons with disabilities and/or in special conditions/situations across Kenya. Me-Ki is a voluntary financial system and service organization for PWDs and special groups who buy shares and make savings and in return have access to loan facilities at very low interest rates. Me-Ki supports social and economic development of the members through resource pooling and provision of credit and advisory services on sound investment. At Me-Ki SACCO, we are motivated by the spirit of togetherness towards pooling resources for improved livelihoods and lifestyles. As of January 2019, Me-Ki has 1,200 members and the numbers are growing very very fast!

About us


Me-Ki SACCO mission is about inclusion of persons with disabilities and special groups into thrift, availing affordable financial opportunities to members and creating wealth for members.


Exceptional economic empowerment instrument for persons with disabilities and special groups


Accelerating wealth creation

  • Integrity
  • Ambition
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Partnership
Sacco Outlook

Me-Ki SACCO Society Ltd is purely a commercial entity for powering lives of PWDs and persons in special situations/conditions. Me-Ki is NOT a political organization

Guiding philosophy

AHope in creating and owning wealth is a God’s gift to all men and women of all themes and character. It is a concentric variable within the continuum of the calling to live life! It is oriented within practices of goal and objective to subdue barriers to one’s full expression in life.

Goals & Objectives
  1. Register PWDs groups and Special groups and their members.
  2. Receive shares and savings contributions
  3. Give loans and dividends
  4. Investment activities/projects to generate income for individual members and groups
  5. Finance Critical projects of DDAK
Our Strategy
  1. Creating awareness through various channels
  2. Training for knowledge and skills in saving and credit practices
  3. Networking with other SACCOs following similar model
  4. Diversifying investment opportunities
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